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This is an LJ community for those who frequent The Golden Lash (t goldenlash) on TapestriesMUCK. The Golden Lash is the major BDSM hot spot on the MUCK, and caters to straights, gays, bis, and herms equally. This is a place to post articles on BDSM, info and/or pictures of your character(s), logs (If all parties are consenting) of BDSM scenes that happen in the Lash, ideas to better the Lash, and anything else you want.

No Flaming/trolling or your post will be deleted & you'll be banned.
All adult pictures or long posts PLEASE be LJ-CUT!
No underage scenes, descriptions, and/or pictures. Period!
Please keep any and all posts related to BDSM in some way, and enjoy!