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So, you think you're the kinkiest of the kinkiest. You know it all, do you? Well, now it's time for Ruhe's Challenge! Below is a trivia explosion that only the most experienced would know. Furs have until Midnight May 19th PST to email me the answers at ruhemaus@gmail.com.
The winner, if you're curious, will be chosen from the MOST right answers, and a random draw between those with the highest scores. The winner will get RL fetish/bondage equipment mailed/shipped to them for their collection. So, get those thinking caps on! (As Ruhe is the one in charge of this, ALL patrons staff, guests, and visitors are allowed to compete! DO NOT PAGE #MAIL! I WILL DELETE!)
1. BDSM TERMS: Japanese rope bondage is called ----------.

2. PSYCHOLOGY: Sexual arousal from being watched during sex. (Scientific term)

3. PSYCHOLOGY: Sexual arousal from being flogged. (Scientific term)

4. BDSM TERMS: An informal social gathering of people interested in BDSM for the purpose of meeting other like-minded people and socializing.

5. FETISH: Sexual arousal from the act of amputation.

6. BDSM TERMS: Anything of or related to the gay male BDSM community which began in the United States and Canada after WWII to the late 1980s.

7. FETISH: Of or relating to all sexual orientations, sexes, and gender identities.

8. BDSM TERMS: Any object which serves an ordinary and prosaic function, but which also has a use in BDSM activities.

9. BDSM TERMS: A social gathering in which people participate in BDSM activities, often in a space outfitted as a dungeon.

10. FETISH: A vial of nitrite compound, whose vapors produce euphoria and sometimes heightened sexual sensation when inhaled.

11. BDSM TERMS: A practice whereby a female dominant sits on the face of a submissive, forcing the submissive to give her oral sex.

12. BDSM TERMS: Define 'SSC'.

13. BDSM TERMS: Define 'RACK'.

14. BDSM TERMS: A person who specializes in tying up others with rope, primarily as an art form rather than for sexual gratification.

15. BDSM TERMS: A -------- is a telephone call made to a trusted friend at a specific time to let that friend know that everything is okay when meeting a new partner for the first time.

16. BDSM TERMS: A predefined "code word" someone can use to stop an ongoing activity if it becomes too much.

17. FETISH: Any activity involving feces.

18. BDSM TERMS: A feeling of disgust, repulsion, or similar negative emotional reaction to the idea of an activity which does not appeal to someone.

19. BDSM TERMS: A very strong, sometimes overwhelming, desire to find a dominant partner or to become immersed in BDSM-related activities.

20. BDSM GEAR: A small implement consisting of a short handle to which is affixed a small wheel with a number of sharp needle-like projections around its outer edge.

21. PSYCHOLOGY: Being aroused by shoes.

22. PSYCHOLOGY: Orgasm without Physical stimulation. (scientific term)

23. PSYCHOLOGY: Sexual arousal from seeing a partner cry. (scientific term)

24. FETISH: A person who engages in ----------- acts out the role of a very young child or infant.

25. BDSM TERMS: A period of time after intense BDSM activity in which the dominant partner cares for the submissive partner.

26. PSYCHOLOGY: Sexual arousal from receiving pain.

27. FETISH: Any form of role play in which a participant assumes the role of an animal to be trained, such as a horse or dog.

28. BDSM GEAR: A restraint device consisting of a long sleeve into which both arms are placed, often fitted with laces or straps to hold the arms securely together. May also include an integrated collar to prevent the wearer from withdrawing the arms.

29. BDSM GEAR: A gag consisting of a ball, usually made of rubber, which is attached to a strap. The ball is placed in the mouth and the strap is placed around the head to hold it securely in place.

30. FETISH: Any form of pain play involving inflicting pain on the soles of the feet, often by striking, cropping, or whipping them.

31. Fetish: Knife Play is also known as -----------.

32. BDSM GEAR: A harness consisting of a series of straps designed to be worn around the torso.

33. FETISH: A person who enjoys being tied or bound, but is not always a submissive.

34. BDSM GEAR: A vinyl tape material, available in many colors, which sticks only to itself but not to other materials.

35. BDSM TERMS: A sudden, abrupt feeling of depression, unhappiness, or similar negative emotion in a submissive which may occasionally occur immediately after a period of BDSM activity.

36. FETISH: A sexual practice, originating in Japan, in which a very large number of men masturbate and ejaculate onto a person.

37. BDSM GEAR: A ------- contains two horizontal planks to which the legs can be secured, affixed to a pivot such that the legs of the secured person can be spread apart.

38. BDSM GEAR: A large, upright wheel, usually made of wood, to which a person may be bound and then rotated.

39. FETISH: The practice of disallowing any form of sexual release or sexual activity.

40. FETISH: Sensation play involving the use of mild irritants such as wintergreen oil, menthol, Tabasco sauce, ginger root, and the like.

41. NET TERMS: Define 'HNG'.

42. BDSM TERMS: A ---------- is a formal ceremony celebrating or symbolizing a commitment between a dominant and a submissive.

43. BDSM TERMS: Any situation in which one person knowingly and voluntarily gives up the ability to prevent another person from doing whatever he or she wants.

44. PHYSIOLOGY: Of or relating to any form of stimulation which produces both pleasure and pain sensations simultaneously.

45. BDSM TERMS: A form of body modification in which multiple rows of rings are placed through a person's skin, then laced together with a silk cord or similar tie.

46. BDSM TERMS: A type of sensation play involving the use of small glass or plastic cups which are placed over the skin and then evacuated to create a vacuum.

47. BDSM GEAR: A specific type of collar which is shaped in such a way as to descend in the front, so that the frontmost part of the collar rests in the hollow of the throat.

48. BDSM TERMS: Any practice which involves significant risk of injury or physical harm.

49. FETISH: The act of introducing water or other liquid into the bowel or lower intestine.

50. FETISH: One who is sexually aroused by showing others his or her body or by being watched, particularly in a sexual setting or while engaged in sexual activity.

51. FETISH: The practice of enforcing activities or behaviors on a male that is typically associated with women.

52. FETISH: The practice of placing a piece of carved ginger root into the anus or vagina.

53. GOR: One of a group of female sex slaves owned by the same master who is considered predominent over the other sex slaves.

54. BDSM TERMS: The act of wearing a specific clothing, insignia, jewelry, or other sign as a means of expressing interest in a specific form of BDSM activities.

55. FETISH: Water sports involving urination by a woman is called ---------------.

56. BDSM GEAR: A male chastity device consisting of a series of metal rings which are placed around the penis.

57. BDSM TERMS: Pain play inflicted on the genitals.

58. BDSM GEAR: A long, narrow, enclosed box with many openings along its front and sides; into which a person may be placed and then fondled by people outside the box.

59. BDSM TERMS: A limit which is considered to be absolute, inflexible, and non-negotiable.

60. GOR TERMS: A female sex slave.
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Golden Lash muck (POLL)?

Ok, I'm giving this serious consideration, very serious since things have changed in my life that allow it (no more 60 to 80hr work weeks). Basically it'll be the Lash built and run by me the original creator with an expanded residential section as the muck is limited to just that club and maybe a new one I'm rolling around, Club Alpha. I'll need managers, programmers, visionaries and staff, as well as a server, though I'm looking at hosting services. The nice point is that we'll be able to design the club the way _we_ want it, right down to the programs, commands, feature set, etc.

Since I've mentioned it, Club Alpha is very simple, a non-con club, ifn you walk through the doors, you're potential prey. No doms, no subs, just a dungeon with a bar in it, that simple.

Poll #1053398 Golden Lash Muck

Would you sign up for it?

Maybe (add comment below)
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Ramblings of a mindless wolf

I hate being in charge, I hate responsibility, I hate drama, I hate always being right, I REALLY hate politics, and I really, REAAAALLY hate Gods sense of HUMOR right now....I know he's sitting up on his throne laughing his head off because he knew this was going to happen. I sure as heck didn't know it was going to happen, at least not really. I had always thought I could just sit back in the shadows of the other bouncers, and easily have a nice place to hang out with my friends, enjoying the things they enjoy, and see what others liked.

And now this. Oh well, time to stop hiding from the obvious, and do what I've done before. Just because you hate something, doesn't mean you aren't qualified for it...and that D***HEAD upstairs knows it too! And that is just what makes it even funnier for him.

So far, the worst is over, I'm breathing a sigh of relief, trying to keep Ketsueki from 'Tim Allen-ing' the place six ways from Sunday and after all this, an actual break. #1, A definitive answer from a wiz regarding an incident that is now resolved, and #2 Regarding the changes to the WA, Jade thanked me for doing it myself, and of course, I had the help of our resident code slut, and the wonderfull helpstaff of the Muck, both of which I would like to thank here.

Wait a sec...holy crap, a wizard just smiled at me. This could be a good sign....um...maybe. I think I can actually relax now for a little bit.
Bondage: Betty Page

A growing problem (READ!)

(Mirrored from the Lash for discussion reasons)


In every BDSM relationship, respect is something that I personally believe is very important to any BDSM relationship. The Dominant and submissive respect each other to not go too far, and to stay within the limits of the scene or relationship. BDSM is very dangerous, and the wrong move can cause permanent injury, or even death. As such, respect is something I've tried to instill in every aspect of the rules at this club.

But, in recent months, I've seen a decided lack of respect towards staff, myself included. It's caused some staff members to stop coming by the club, and others to quit outright. Furs seem to think it is all right to demand their attention that second, whether in a scene or not, by plopping down in their laps, glomping them into hugs, or just demanding they serve or top them right then and there.

Now, some furs are all right with this. They like the spontinaity, and think it a welcome aspect to the RPing. Others, like myself, are growing weary of not being able to actually choose an RP, or our scenes inturrupted with embarassing poses. After all, being tackle-hugged while topping a bound fur is disrespectful to both the dominant and the one subbing.

But, before anyone thinks I'm upset with anyone, I'm not. I'm not yelling, berating, or angry in the least. More to the point, I'm actually worried for the club, and for those that roleplay in it. If we lose this respect for each other, soon furs will be mocking scenes or RP styles, and furs will start to form cliques of THEIR style of RP or tastes. This is something I do not wish to see in the least.

We are like a family here. Many of us know more about what happens in the daily life of our friends here than their own kin. We look out for, love, and care for each other. What i would like is for furs to discuss both here and in the LJ community a way to adress this problem. If you all think it is not a problem, we'll do nothing. But, if you agree that this could be the first step in a sliding scale down, please help me help you.

This is your club as much as it is mine. I work hard to make sure that ALL furs respect each other in every way. We don't allow scene inturruptions, we don't allow kink-bashing or MST-ing, and we don't allow hatred. We try to be welcoming of all kinks, and I try to do what I can at any time to make this place as open as possible. But, that also means I can't always please everyone. But I can please the majority. What I suggest is that furs ASK via whisper or page before pouncing fors, unless pre-arrainged conditions are in place for otherwise. It is my hope that this simple act will alleviate the growing problem.

Now, you're all free to suggest other ideas. A revision of the rules? A strict policy on it? Forgeting it and telling the boss mouse to STFU? No matter what, it's a simple process that we can all discuss and solve. Thank you, and I do hope that this percieved problem can be settled soon.

Anyone else notice lately?

What the hell happened?

Suddenly I swear its like.. hormone city. God forbid you -approach- someone and say hello. Can't tell you how many people I've watch get verbally bitchslapped for just trying to talk to someone.

Whatever happened to 'hey I'm looking for sex, you?" "Yeah me too, lets go."

X-posted Around: Blogathon 2006 and how you can help!

As some may or may not know, I run a kosher Cooking blog called Renegade Kosher". What you may not know is I'll be participating July 29th After sundown in Blogathon 2006 to raise money for the Aleph Institute. This fine organization helps out Jews all over the world who are in need, in prison, or in the military to keep in touch with their Jewish roots, get Kosher food, and basically live a full Jewish life. For 24 hours, I'll be blogging to raise money for this charity. What I ask is that if ANYONE wishes to, they stop by my blog during this time and keep me company during the 24 hours.

Also, I am collecting pledges, to boot. If anyone wishes to pledge, then can go to http://www.blogathon.org/sponsor.php?blog_id=62 and either pledge per hour or one lump sum. Even if you can only pledge $5 or so, every penny helps out this wonderful charity. Thank you, and there's still time for anyone else to also join in on the blogathon. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, but the 24 hours spent blogging can help out so many. Thank you, and I'll see you all July 29th at Sundown...
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